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Children's Earlobe Piercings

Children's Earlobe Piercings


It can be daunting to choose safe and comfortable place to bring your children for their first set of earlobe piercings.  Our staff has extensive experience with piercing children's earlobes and strive to make it a fun experience for everyone involved.  Piercing guns are not safe, even for earlobe piercings, so we utilize the same safe piercing procedure for little ones as well.

There are important things to consider before bringing your child in for their first piercings:

  • Are they asking for the piercings themselves?
  • They should be aware that the piercings themselves are quick and easy, but they do feel like a little pinch!
  • Do they swim regularly?  Lots of children take swimming lessons or participate on swim teams.  It's imperative for the healthy healing of the piercings that they stay out of the pool, ocean, hot tub, and baths for about 4-6 weeks afterwards.

We will also go over these considerations with you and your child before doing their piercings.  Once you and your child feel you're ready for their piercings, please call the studio so we can make you an appointment.  We pierce children ages 7-12 by appointment only to make sure there is plenty of time to ask questions and thoroughly explain the entire process.  You are more than welcome to visit the studio any time to ask questions or meet our piercers.  

Once you've made your appointment, you will need to come in with your child's original birth certificate and your government-issued photo ID.  If you are a legal guardian, you will need to instead bring the original copies of your guardianship papers and your government-issued photo ID.