Brilliance Piercing





Do you pierce children's earlobes?
Yes, we will pierce earlobes on children as young as 7 as long as they're asking for the piercings themselves and understand how to care for them afterwards.

Do you do other piercings on minors?
Yes, with certain restrictions.  Any time a piercing is performed on a minor we require a parent/legal guardian be present, a government-issued photo ID for the parent, and the original birth certificate (or guardianship papers) for the minor.

Can I bring a photo copy or a picture of my ID or birth certificate?
No, we need the actual document with you for identification purposes.

I have a metal allergy, what materials do you use?
We carry jewelry made from solid 14k or 18k nickel-free gold, implant-grade (ASTM-F138) titanium, implant-grade (ASTM-F136) stainless steel, and pure niobium.  

Can I bring in my own jewelry?
No.  We are unable to determine the exact material outside jewelry so for your safety we must use our own jewelry.

Can I go swimming with a new piercing?
No, chemicals and bacteria in standing bodies of water can be extremely irritating for a new piercing or cause an infection.  For earlobes you need to stay out of the water for 4-6 weeks, and 6-8 weeks for any other piercing.

Does that mean showers too?
No, showers are strongly encouraged and are the best place to clean your new piercing.

How do I take care of my new piercing?
Please visit the aftercare page here.

I can't have my piercing in for work/sports/a medical procedure.  Can you help me with that?
Absolutely!  Certain piercings are trickier to hide than others, but we have a variety of solutions for this very common dilemma.  We carry inconspicuous titanium jewelry as well as clear retainers to help conceal your piercing.

My piercer said something about downsizing my jewelry, what did they mean?
Many fresh piercings require jewelry have a little room to accommodate your initial swelling.  Without that extra room the piercing is bound to have issues.  After a period of time (2-4 weeks depending on the piercing) your swelling should subside and you can come back for a shorter piece of jewelry to wear for the remainder of healing.  Downsizing is important because the additional length on jewelry can cause issues with healing if left in after swelling subsides.