Brilliance Piercing

Studio Policies


Studio Policies


ID Policies

If you are over 18: you must have a valid government-issued photo ID each time you get pierced. This can be a drivers license, passport, military ID, permanent resident card, etc.

If you are under 18: you must have a parent/legal guardian present for all piercings, and must have the following identification:

If you’re coming with a parent: A birth certificate for the minor being pierced, plus the parent’s valid government-issued photo ID.
Passports will not be accepted in place of a minor’s birth certificate. We need the birth certificate because it confirms the adult consenting to the piercing is the minor’s parent.

If you’re coming with a legal guardian: Court documents confirming guardianship of the minor being pierced, plus the legal guardian’s valid government-issued photo ID.

age minimums

Age 7 and up: Earlobes

Age 13 and up: Cartilage, conch, daith, eyebrow, forward helix, lip, navel, nostril, rook, septum, tragus

Age 16 and up: Industrial

Age 18 and up: Genital, nipple, surface piercings

All piercings on minors require the identification listed above.


All piercings must be performed using jewelry from the studio. This allows us to confirm the material and how it’s alloyed, quality, sizing, and surface finish of the jewelry and assure it is safe to be sterilized and then worn in a healing piercing.

We have a large stock of 14k and 18k gold, and implant-grade titanium jewelry. This ensures we can accommodate those with the most sensitive skin, and a variety of styles in jewelry. If you are looking for something specific please contact us!