Brilliance Piercing




Basic Piercing Aftercare
Clean your piercing once a day by gently wiping the area with a new sterile saline wipe, then allowing the piercing to air dry.
For oral piercings, rinse the inside of your mouth with bottled water any time after you eat, drink, or smoke, and rinse up to twice daily using an alcohol-free mouthwash.
Please visit us after 3-4 weeks for a check-up on your piercing, and to possibly shorten your jewelry for better healing!

Do's and Don'ts
DO - Stay healthy!  Taking care of yourself makes it easier for your body to heal.
DO - Only wear high quality jewelry.  This means 14k-18k solid gold, platinum, implant-grade titanium, implant-grade stainless steel, pure niobium, or glass.
DON'T - Don't use any other products on your piercing, including soap, alcohol, makeup, peroxide, sea salt, and tea tree oil.  It all can be very irritating for your piercing.
DON'T - Don't play with or rotate your jewelry.  Your skin will not stick to your jewelry, and rotating it only will break apart any tissue that is trying to heal inside.
DON'T - Don't take your jewelry out - it can close quickly.  Even if it's healed!  Play a sport?  Having surgery?  Come see us to discuss alternative jewelry styles and materials!
DON'T - Don't submerge your piercing in any body of water, including pools, oceans, lakes, and baths for 6-8 weeks.  The chemicals/bacteria in the water can be extremely irritating to the piercing and can cause irritations or infections that could lead to the piercing needing to be removed.
DON'T - Don't wear costume jewelry or low quality materials such as sterling silver or surgical steel.  Even healed piercings can sustain permanent damage from lower quality jewelry.

What's Normal?
Swelling, redness, tenderness, some bleeding, and some bruising is normal for a fresh piercing.  As it heals the piercing will have a whiteish/beige discharge which is not puss, and should not be picked off the piercing.  As it heals the discharge will become less and less noticeable.
Your piercing will feel healed much earlier than it will truly be healed, as the body heals from the outside in.  Please do not change your jewelry earlier than recommended, or leave the piercing without jewelry, because it can close very quickly!

Special Information for Genital Piercings
Free bleeding is possible with genital piercings (especially Prince Alberts), so take care when selecting underwear and bed sheets for the week following your piercing.
You may resume sexual activity whenever you are ready, but be sure to use a barrier for the first 4-6 weeks.  Even if you're not concerned with STI's, bacteria from another person's body can likely cause issues with a healing piercing.