Brilliance Piercing




We carry only the best and safest jewelry available for piercings.  We proudly sell jewelry made in America by BVLA, Maria Tash, Anatometal, and Neometal.  

Jewelry quality makes a huge different in how your piercings heal, as well as how healthy they are afterwards.  This means jewelry made with internal threads, from safe materials, polished to a mirror finish.  All of our jewelry is made from safe materials, including solid 14k-18k nickel-free gold, implant-grade (ASTM F-138) titanium, implant-grade (ASTM F-136) stainless steel, pure niobium, and Quartz glass.  Even if someone is extremely sensitive to certain metals, we can absolutely get them something that will work with their bodies.

You will not find "surgical steel" in our studio because despite the nice sounding name, it is not safe to be worn in the body.  Surgical steel is generally used to make surgical instruments, not medical implants.

In addition to our extensive core collection of jewelry, we regularly order seasonal collections to mix things up and keep our selection fresh.  We happily order specific pieces of jewelry at clients' request, or work with our manufacturers to create you a completely custom piece of your own.